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White Freestyle Rappers!

Some good White guys who Rap. Signing White Rappers.

White Freestyle! The best white rappers. Some call me RIN the Rest call me T Rain.

"Traviss AKA Solomon"

  The best white freestyle rapper that needs some money. All I need is a payday then I can sit back and relax. I have been getting ripped off for years and don't know why no one will come help me. The death of Mac Miller has inspired me to come out with new music and keep you more up to date on what is happening. I need to keep a blog here on what I am doing and going through so I can gain your attention. If I just sit here any longer I will explode in to a million pieces. I can mope all I want and get mad at everyone else but that is getting me no where, If I want to blame the past I can just sit in the same spot and boil down to nothing. Freestyle is progressive and being a white Freestyle rapper I have to get out of the box and try new things every day to get what I want. If you can find any idea's of what I need to do send a line to my email or skype me.

Skype = TacTownHomie

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I need  free Copyright beats to continue.  I am the best White Freestyle Rapper in my opinion.  If you want to battle sign me.

See Her on Cam Shows all over the net Like


See Her on Cam Shows all over the net Like

- MintyOreos - Cam Girl -

- AnooPina - Rapper/Singer -


 -- Mac Miller --

-- Dirt Nasty --
-- Lil Dicky --
-- Beastie Boys --
-- Machine Gun Kelly --
-- Yelawolf --
-- G Eazy --
-- Action Bronson --

This is just a random freestyle.  IF you want more Check My Youtube. Subscribe and Share.




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Top Ten Female MoJo. 

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 The Best White Freestyle Rapper Ever.

I need a Million Dollars. Beg My Cherry Crush To Give Me Money!


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